What’s the most thing that makes you proud?!!

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As we grow up , we start looking for happiness, security, love, soulmates and dream jobs. We tend to appreciate ourselves <in many cases> in terms of these aspects. Accordingly, we feel insecure and disappointed whenever much progress is not achieved.

We also tend to compare our life to others which mostly lead to our disappointment and feeling inferior. we think that we are not good enough because we didn’t achieve much progress either personally or professionally.

Of course, it is great to achieve high grades, running successful business , having great family and friends and being with your soulmate. BUT we mostly neglect one of our great achievements “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & GROWTH”.

This includes the following aspects:

– Conquering a bad habit.

– Developing better self image and respect.

–  Challenging yourself.

– Puting your dreams into action.

– Improving mental health.

– Handling different stressful situations.

– Accepting that you are not perfect.

– Coping with the idea of  “losing someone/something you love”

So, I think that we may need to re- evaluate our self progress and appreciation in respect to the previous list. We may need to practise some of those items or even add new ones and to FEEL PROUD achieving any of them .



Does your comfort zone kill you?!🤔

《life begins at the end of your comfort zone》. Should we really believe this quote ?!!  Do we have to seek “constant change” in our life or just embrace what we already have and express gratitude. Should we constantly leave things behind or give it a second chance??  Before considering these different choices, Let’s first define “a comfort zone”.

“Comfort zones” could be expressed in a negative way, when it comes to unhealthy relationships, abusive ones , or even our jobs.  “Comfort zones” meant in this article, are anything which we get used to but don’t provide feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction anymore.

Regardless what  your comfort zone is and whatever your descision about it.. It’s your feelings and EMOTIONAL STATUS that you should always consider. Don’t settle for painful relationships or direspectful situations because you are afraid of change. Adaptation to any change process is not always easy and could be painful as well.

But keep in mind that “SHORT TERM PAIN” associated with changing “UNCOMFORTABLE” comfort zones is much better than “LONG TERM SUFFERING”…

What about you?? Have you challenged your “uncomfortable” comfort zone yet?!



What is life about?!!

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself — George Bernard Shaw

I started my twenties wondering about the “Big” question  “What is my life purpose?” but I couldn’t get a right answer to it .

Being in my mid twenties without knowing my exact life purpose was driving me crazy.

Yet I lately discovered that life is more about  knowing exactly who you are and what kind of adults you grew up to be. It is about figuring out the little things that makes you happy and healthy relationships which keep you fulfilled.

I am truely grareful I started asking the “Big” question , it led me to deeper kind of thoughts and enrichment life.

And of course I am still on my way to figure out the answer to the BIG question 😊😉